Sunday , 19 November 2017
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#CNNBlackmail (LAST NIGHTLY №50)

#CNNBlackmail (LAST NIGHTLY №50)
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A wrestling GIF posted to Reddit last week by an alt-right troll has become the focal point of mounting tensions between the president, the media, and internet-bred ideological extremism, which have since prompted the trending hashtag #CNNBlackmail and escalating right-wing backlash against CNN. ★BECOME A PATRON at

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LAST NIGHTLY takes on #cnnblackmail, an issue brought on by CNN journalist Andrew Kaczynski. There's been a large amount of controversy over an alleged public CNN blackmail. Regardless of what "hana**holesolo" does on his time, the thing that got him in trouble was posting wrestling CNN memes. If we are talking about doxxing, the threat of CNN doxxing a private citizen should be taken a lot more seriously than it is. CNN doxing, or even threatening doxing, of someone specifically for making a meme about them is a serious, serious problem. No, the CNN Trump meme isn't good. No, I don't like the CNN trump gif, but what is happening does kind of feel like CNN black mail against someone.The Reddit Trump wrestling video, as some know it, is a gif of Trump wrestling CNN, obviously it's fake. The #cnnblackmail twitter outrage seems to entirely disregard that if this was flipped partisan-wise, people would have a lot more trouble with CNN doxxing 15 year old. Frankly, we should not live in a timeline where CNN threatens to dox private citizen. CNN should be talking about how DONALD TRUMP repurposed a stupid CNN Trump meme into state propaganda, but the CNN Trump wrestling meme seems to mainly just being used by them to punish someone.

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Cockblocker vs. Muff Diver [Funny Fight Video]

Cockblocker vs. Muff Diver  [Funny Fight Video]
Plays: 26335

COCKBLOCKER vs. MUFF DIVER - One match you WON'T see at Wrestlemania!!!


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