Thursday , 27 April 2017
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Captain America: Civil War Parody

Captain America: Civil War Parody
Plays: 573321

This Captain America: Civil War Parody is a sequel to our most popular Youtube sketch comedy video Avengers: Age of Ultron Parody. In this video, Hulk is dead, Black Widow is raising their baby as a single mother and Captain America is fighting Iron Man!

Watch our Avengers: Age of Ultron Parody:


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David Lautman
Scott Vogel
Julie David
L.B. Rai
Hung Ho
Mike Mirnoff
Charles Dewandeler

Avengers is owned by Disney and Marvel Studios. This parody is produced by Spoof Troupe.

Copyright 2016, Spoof Troupe, Hollywood CA

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Ad Friendly YouTube Adpocolypse (ADVERSARIES №37)

Ad Friendly YouTube Adpocolypse (ADVERSARIES №37)
Plays: 708

★THIS WEEK: "Ad Friendly" - People who put in time to work on content are getting less and less from youtube ads unless they make advertiser friendly content. Why?
★It's not JUST a commercial! NEW Episodes Weekends! ★BECOME A PATRON:

★EPISODE 37: "Burger King Trolls Google Home "
★EPISODE 36: "Tone Deaf Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad"



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ADVERSARIES takes on "ad friendly" content on YouTube. People who put in time to work on content are getting less and less from youtube ads unless they make advertiser friendly content. This "ad-friendly" standard is actually a means to encourage a certain kind of lifestyle, not just a certain standard of content. When content is demonitized, that creator is essentially told "do not make this kind of content. A lot of people are wondering if youtube is over or if this is youtube censorship. It really depends on your perspective, but the advertiser boycott started with a wsj article on PewDiePie. What many are calling "new youtube censorship" or "censorship on youtube" is just ad friendly video content meant to keep people comfortable and receptive to marketing. This is definitely ad-friendly content vs. your content, and many have posted ad friendly policy rant videos, and youtube ad friendly rant videos. The fact is, demonetization is an exertion of control over culture via capital. This supposed adpocalypse that's going on is certainly worth a second look. The youtube adpocalypse would have ahppened whether or not the wall street journal released that article or not. There is a question if this is the end of youtube. Is this the end of youtube? Some have heard about it through the wsj h3h3 video, but by now most people have heard of the supposed youtube apocalypse. Are youtube earnings down? Let's find out.

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