Wednesday , 6 April 2022
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Most of California Man’s Body Eaten by Black Bear

Black BearMost of California Man’s Body Eaten by Black Bear:  Authorities believe a 65-year-old Northern California man who was found over half-eaten by a black bear outside of his trailer in a remote area, had most likely died earlier of a heart attack before being eaten.  So much for the advice they always give that “if a bear approaches, stay still pretend that you’re dead.”  Another way to look at it is, I’m signed up to be an organ donor, sounds like this guy must have been a meat donor.


OhioEbola Nurse Says She Felt Funny in Ohio:  Amber Vinson, the second Ebola nurse, told the CDC that she “felt funny” while she was in Ohio.  Why of course she felt “funny” while she was in Ohio, you wouldn’t expect her to take Ohio seriously would you?  This is a state where a river once caught fire for Pete’s sake.


Florida DebateFlorida Gov Scott Holds-Up Debate Over Crist’s Fan:  In what is getting called “Fan-gate,” Republican Gov. Rick Scott refused to come on stage in a televised debate with former Gov. Charlie Crist because Crist had a small fan which Gov. Scott felt broke the rules of no electronics at their podiums during their debate.  Gov. Scott’s people point out that if Crist gets away with bringing a fan to this debate, what’s to stop him from bringing a portable nose hair trimmer, popcorn popper or even a small, flat screen TV to the next debate?

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