Monday , 8 March 2021
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Wynter Kabimba, Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito Killed President Michael Sata.

The Cartel poisoned the Head of state in April 2014 , this poison they used on him was very powerful, and it caused him to start loosing weight at a fast rate , and also lead to the loosing of his memory, his team of Doctors from lusaka failed to find the poison in his body because it is very difficult to identify it, he was later taken to israel in late June were doctors found the poison but failed to locate its exact location, further more, the president came back from Israel and began to recover a little, then the poison hit him bad again which lead to him completely loosing his voice, he opened parliament after regaining little of his voice, and then left for the UN General Assembly in New York were he failed to give his speech as his voice had completely faded away again, he returned to Zambia after he was treated in His hotel room in New York when he had fainted and rumors went out that he had died,

He left for London on the 20th Of october 2014 5 days before Zambia Celebrated its golden Jubilee, before he left he left the instruments of power in the hands of Defense minister Edgar Lungu , he also did something he had never done before in the history of his life, he took along with Him his children, Chilufya Sata, Mwelwa Sata, Mwango Sata, His cousin Chanda Kasolo, His first born son Mulenga Sata, some of his Nieces and His other Son Mubanga Chanda Chilufya Jr, he spent time with them while in london, and Doctors at King Edward VII Discovered the poison in his body, when it was discovered it was to late as it had already Eaten up both of his Ribs, His Lungs and his liver had no enough Bile to support the Body, it began to attack his heart and this caused him to have problems with Breathing , he was taken to ICU and later doctors came out and informed the family that the President had gone to rest..

A few days before he died, Post newspaper boss fred Mmembe went to england and visted Michael Sata, while in the Hospital room, he asked to be left alone with Michael Sata as he had a lot of things to say to him, the family agreed and left them there, after which Fred Mmembe injected Michael Sata with another poison to speed up his death, the King George Hospital Security staff have this plot of Video as there CCTV cameras captured fred Mmembe poisoning the president.

After hearing that the president had Died, Wynter Kabimba and Fred Mmembe hosted a Party at Wynter Kabimbas House along independence avenue to celebrate the death of Michael Sata and officially declared Wynter Kabimba as nExt president.

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