Sunday , 10 April 2022
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Pot Supplies Now Outstripping Demand In Washington State

Pot SuppliesPot Supplies Now Outstripping Demand In Washington State:  ABC News is reporting that marijuana sellers in Washington are actually suffering from large unsold surpluses of pot, as supply is now vastly greater than demand inside the Evergreen State.  Which begs the question, how is it possible to have too much weed and can a government bailout of the distressed pot industry be imminent?  I feel like it’s my duty as a American to head up to Washington to help them dispose of this surplus.


Mike DitkaMike Ditka Wouldn’t Want His Child to Play Football:  In an interview with Bryant Gumbel, NFL Hall Of Famer Mike Ditka said that even though his whole life has been football, he wouldn’t want his child to play football.  Of course an alternative to football might be to occasionally just smack your kid over the head with a mallet.  It’s basically the same effect as football, but significantly less strain on the joints.


BisonWild Bison Now Living Just 100 Miles Outside Chicago:  Wild Bison have been reintroduced to a 3,200-acre reserve, just 100 miles outside Chicago, the first time wild members of the species have come east of the Mississippi River since the 1830s.  Why on earth would they send them to Chicago?  You’d think if these animals really wanted to settle near some big city, wouldn’t it be Buffalo?

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