Monday , 8 March 2021
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I am not saying it's bad, but if weed is good for you, continue, But for me?

Last sunday (after church). All a nigga did then was tweet, eat, sleep and repeat the routine, boredom was really the trend then.

A friend of mine (name and handle withheld) pinged me so we could hook up, Thank God! So I can leave this house? I was so excited. He lived close to my hood and had been a friend beyond twitter. I got there, we chilled, talked about girls (boys things) I then reminded him that we've been talking since, no MoFaya? (which happens to be my fav) He said he gon take me to a place, we go flex!

We got there, My brother, I first saw smoke, I thought we were going to choose the new pope, till I moved closer... !!! (weed). I feared, but I had been telling this dude about how dope I was when it comes to weed smoking (Lies) :( I had no choice but 2 play along. even the weed seller asked if I could/have ever smoked weed, I furiously told him he was down grading me, so he kept quite..

Everyone collected his rolled weed, we started burning, them pro(s) were taking it straight to the head, I was just pouring out. We all finished our first weed, I felt nothing, (in my mind I was like, 'is this the so hyped weed?) Psheew on to the next.

We all ordered for the second roll this time I wanted to feel it more so I was taking every smoke into my head, the guys were hailing me. Half way fam, something strange happened. Everywhere was moving, I started seeing things in a backward direction I loved the feeling.

Just like how they flashback in Furious 7, I was not there anymore, I saw a white paradise. I saw the beauty! Fam! It was like in heaven. suddenly! Someone patted me 4rm behind, it was Flamez, he smiled at me, He said! Son, u just made me proud. I also saw Zuma drinking tea.

Then to my surprise, guess who else I saw? My dad He was angry! I could tell by the way he looked at me, He was mad at me, He said, 'Son! I didn't raise you like this. Why did you decide to live this lifestyle? I was sad, He gave me a BIG SLAP!! I screamed out to reality, fam it was the weed seller that slapped me. I had been stiff. They were scared. I just smiled slowly.

Suddenly! I pulled off my trouser, because I felt it was disturbing me, They asked what happened? I said I wanted to shit (with a smile) The weed seller knew what was doing me, and said ' don't let him get out' that was when I knew something was wrong.

They gave me many things, ( water, coconut) fam! I was running mad that sunday! Even my nigga was trembling. I told him to come closer, wanted to whisper my twitter accounts password to him just in case if i truly run mad :( I was shaking) The weed seller then asked me if i smoked weed before?' I replied with speed 'Sir, not even paper, I never smoke before'.

He then told them to leave me (that I needed rest and fresh air) I was embarrassed, They said I was just looking like when they display apprehended thieves on channels TV. I was half naked, I regretted my life.

Am not saying it's bad, but if weed is good for you, continue, But for me?


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