Monday , 4 April 2022
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Alpha House: how Amazon Studios defined original-series popular culture online

To many Republican political figures young and old, respectively, Garry Trudeau's Alpha House was the ultimate original series, much as he had a previous success story three decades back with the Home Box Office (HBO) original political dramedy (dramatic comedy) Tanner '89.


Like Tanner '89, Alpha House debuted in 2012 and became's first scripted, studio audience-free original series. It depicted the exploits of a Washington, D.C. quartet of Republican conservative statesmen fighting for the right to be gubernatorial... forever. Hee hee!


Hold you penises, all four of you Republicans there on Capitol Hill!  Duh! Look at John Goodman (TV's Rosanne) portraying a conservative dealbreaker intent on a hoax - and prevailing governance in the Nation's Capitol as he defeated Republican public policy! Look at Mark Molloy, who co-starred alongside Goodman as the

Honorable Larry Laffer - look at him sounding off on the situations facing the Iraqi soldiers fending off terrorism and cold-war espionage in the Middle East!


But to whom Congress may concern?


By visiting Amazon Instant Video at ,, Amazon users can relive Alpha House anytime, anywhere on their laptop personal computers, on their smartphones, on their tables... and inside Amazon customers' human brains? That's the weird question!


In the words of STYX lead singer Dennis DeYoung: "My heart is human/My blood is boiling/My brain IBM." Hee hee! Git-R-gun!


I used to stream Alpha House on Amazon Instant Video ever since I got away with conservative truth.


But were customers unhappy with Alpha House after two seasons? I don't think thrice!


As with other Amazon original series properties, Alpha House was a one-of-a-kind brand - much as Rosanne's Goodman himself starred as Louisianna Gov. Huey P. Long

in a classic made-for-Turner Netwrok Television telefilm titled Kingfisher: The Life and Times of Huey P. Long.




To me, Alpha House was a hit and an authentic, offbeat and rarely zany political dramedy and a globetrotting online-content success story for Amazon Studios. The

series, distributed internationally by Sony Pictures Entertainment, is, as I put it in blogging, a famed parody combinging The Governor and J.J. with Hizzonner (the

title of the early 1980s NBC Television Network primetime comedy series starring David Huddleston) in an online scripted format that allowed Amazon.comers to laugh their red-state conservative lawmakers' heads off! It really did whip the President's brain!


Spoiling Democratic warfare was the entire idea behind Alpha House. Maybe you can hire... the 45th President of the United States?


Destroy liberal reform... defeat the men of Alpha House!


I know. I am a right wing improvisational redneck conservative comedian, blogger and businessman named Mark T. Watson, whose nickname since 2000 has been "The Comedy Answer Man."


I dare all Republicans to shoot for the Senatorial peons working to save Alpha House from cancellation by Amazon Studios. A Republican peon will attack me and other former Alpha House fans with very much effort - don;'t pull the plug on the Alpha House conservative foursome!

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