Sunday , 13 June 2021
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How jinn come out of his lamp

I am exploring the unexplained world of the genie as told in ancient Bibical myth. As I rub the magic lamp, a male jinn grants as many wishes in an effort to transform a human being into various objects (animals, weapons, strange worlds, etc.) through the magic of teleportation.

My wish could be the jinn's command.

Jinn are known for converting male and female human beings into countless objects. As a result, the male jinn is created from the blazing smoke emerging from a magic lamp - a myth found in the Bibical era.

What is my wish, jinn?

To investigate the origins of the male genie, I turn to magic lamps and bottles depicting a dwelling jinn inside my own secret weapon. Hee hee. As soon as I rub the lamp, I secrete three wishes given by the jinn - within a few seconds, the sorching fire forms part of this paranormal creature, emerging from inside the lamp, arriving at his disposal. 

The mysteries of the male jinn are about to be revealed in the form of animals and/or human beings.

A jinn grants me one of the three wishes, having infused teleportative bolts into me.

Here are the jinn I have mention in this blog post:

Telepotytus - a mysterious djinn carrying telepotative powers to transform humans into all objects.

MajicGuy - using secreat wishing powers to morp a man into all objects large and small.

Penilitiere - a jinn granting nine wishes to aid a man in his quest for meditation.


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