Friday , 3 April 2020
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Moms Let Loose

Moms Let Loose
Plays: 2394

Moms Let Loose blends musical numbers, stand up comedy and audience participation via a rollicking Q&A finale. Moms Let Loose features America's funniest moms and grandma onstage together in this CLEAN, family oriented, multi-generational comedy. From infancy, to the teen and college years, weddings and grandchildren, these ladies laugh about it all. Starring Sherry Davey, the uproarious British comedian from Comedy Central and Nick At Nite's Search For The Funniest Mom In America, along with friends Jane Condon of Last Comic Standing and Pat Candaras also of Nick At Nite's Search For The Funniest Mom In America. Moms Let Loose, is performing to sold out shows across the nation, Moms Let Loose delivers a motherload of laughs.... And they put the fun back in fundraiser. So plan your next comedy break out and let loose with Moms Let Loose!!

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Sherry Davey

Sherry Davey

Single Mother. Comedian. Writer. Hungry.
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