Monday , 21 May 2018
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Jenna Marbles Forgets To Turn Off Webcam

Jenna Marbles Forgets To Turn Off Webcam
Plays: 23313

Jenna Marbles forgets to turn off her webcam and we see what she really does in her spare time, in this Spoof Troupe parody video!


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Brianna Oppenheimer as Jenna Marbles
A random puppet as Kermit The Frog

DISCLAIMER: This is not the real Jenna Marbles or the real Kermit The Frog. This is a parody video produced by Spoof Troupe. Kermit The Frog is property of Jim Henson Studios, owned by Disney Studios. Jenna Marbles is property of herself.

Copyright 2015, Spoof Troupe, Hollywood CA

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