Tuesday , 17 October 2017
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Yes, this is an actual commercial. We do those now. Check out Swayy in the app store. Swayy: do you have it?

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Starring: J.A. Lerman, Allyn Morse, Brendan Lynch-Salamon, Tim Fox, David Lowe, Evan Okada, Sean O'Bryan
Written by: Ian McNabb, J.A. Lerman & Brendan Lynch-Salamon
Directed by: Ian McNabb & J.A. Lerman
Produced by: Ian McNabb
Co-Producer: Brendan Lynch-Salamon

Director of Photography: Evan Okada
Production Design by: Rebecca Contreras
Music & Sound Design by: Brendan Lynch-Salamon
Edited by: Ian McNabb & J.A. Lerman

Gaffer: Evan Cox
Assistant Camera: Uli (Last Name)
Key Grip / Dolly Grip: Anthony Yamamoto
Production Sound: Edmond Smith & Jake Miller
Hair & Make-up: Rebecca Contreras & Kristina Ellery
Sound Editor & Mixer: Brendan Lynch-Salamon
Colorist: Evan Okada
Graphics: Davidson Vorhes
Visual Effects: Davidson Vorhes, Tim Trankle


Allyn Morse
Brendan Lynch-Salamon
David Lowe
Evan Okada
Ian McNabb
J.A. Lerman
Rebecca Contreras
Tim Fox

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