Sunday , 17 June 2018
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ROTFL ft. John Baba - Cats

ROTFL ft. John Baba - Cats
Plays: 319

Parody of "Shots" by LMFAO and Lil Jon'

Cats! (Lyrics)
If you not frisky ladies and gentleman,
Get ready to get fluffed up
Because we're singing a song
about cats ha ha
Lil John Baba
All of the cataholics
Where you at?
Let's go

When I walk in the club
All eyes on me
Because my cat
Is a dope ass meme.
We drank dat milk
We love cat nip.
We getting crunk.
Let's claw some shit
Everybody meow!

Cats x a lot

Let me clean this litter

The ladies love us
When we post cats
But they ain't down
To Facebook chat
I'm feeling friskies
How bout you?
I'm a cat in the hat
I'm a pee in your shoe

Cats x a lot

If you ain't down with cat get the what off the net.
If you ain't filming cats, I ain't even gonna fret
And if you like pettin pussies, then you should have been vet
Now where my cataholics let me see ya claws up
What you posting on?

Villain cats!
Cat with nipples
Jellow cats!
Three wise cats!
To hell wit dat
Get me a persian!


Biddy's on Facebook and they're ready for some cats. The women come around every time I'm posting cats. Their faces turn to frowns when I show em my tats. So now I'm at the parlor and I changed them all to cats!

If you feed em frisky's put your hands in the air!
And if your cat likes whiskey put your hands in the air.
Now say "My cats drunk!"
My cats drunk!"
But it's blowing up!
But it's blowing up!
It's blowing up!
It's blowing up!

Meow x a lot.

Written by Joe Pontillo and John Babatsikos
Edited by SPooN and Joe Pontillo
Special thanks to Joe Messina, Dolly, and Methos.

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