Monday , 16 July 2018
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Ethosine Game David Brigham & Noman

Ethosine   Game   David Brigham & Noman
Plays: 117

Animation for the Song 'Game' by the Band Ethosine.

Music - Ethosine - Game

All Visuals © David Brigham & "Noman"2016

Ethosine Is:
Rory Cooper - (Guitar)
David Sweitzer - (Bass)
Cole Brokamp - (Synth)
Robert Houk - (Drums)

engineered by Ben Cochran at Soap Floats Recording
mixed and mastered by Cole Brokamp

*All musical rights used with permission from the band Ethosine.
Please see Ethosine's Bandcamp for further information.

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David Brigham - Marcus Rufus-

David Brigham - Marcus Rufus-

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