Sunday , 19 January 2020
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Dove Campaign - My Beauty My Say (ADVERSARIES No. 16)

Dove Campaign - My Beauty My Say (ADVERSARIES No. 16)
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★THIS WEEK: "MY BEAUTY MY SAY" - A Dove campaign relying about hashtags and concern for media representation of female athletes and a general lack of self acceptance and body confidence...
★It's not JUST a commercial! Peter and Ashleigh breakdown the ads that saturate our lives in ADVERSARIES - NEW Episodes Saturdays!

★FROM DOVE: "When the media focuses on an athlete’s looks, we don’t see her at all. Change the way the media talks about female athletes."

★EPISODE 15: ""
★EPISODE 14: "My Perfect Smile Veneers"



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ADVERSARIES takes on a Dove campaign. We say "a" campaign because there's about 50 of them. This one regards female athletes and women in sports. It's called "Dear Media." Dove wants to point criticism at media representation of the real beauty of women, both athletes and not. Body confidence (or really just confidence at all) is not something you can learn from Dove, though. Dove shouldn't say "how to be beautiful," or "how to love your body." If anything, companies like Dove benefit from people's lack of confidence. Self acceptance is not in their interest to promote in the Dove My Beauty My Say campaign.
This Dove My Beauty My Say commercial as well as the various Dove Speak Beautiful ads are essentially ridiculous. Dove #speakbeautiful and #mybeautymysay are pinkwashing. My Beauty My Say Dove is a kind of slimy Dove commercial, and any Dove ad for Dove beauty should probably be approached in a way that doesn't focus on lead generation. Do we need another Dove beauty campaign? There's Dove body wash, Dove shampoo, Dove deodorant, Dove dry spray, and a ton of other crap and we get a barrage of ads. Another Dove deodorant commercial. Come on. Dove love your body campaign another Dove new ad, more Dove soap, more Dove shampoo, Dove soap commercial, Dove women, Dove white beauty bar. Just an endless shitheap of Dove, Dove, Dove, Dove and Dove.

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