Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Avon's "Boss Life" and It Works WRAPRENEURS!? (Adversaries No. 18)

Avon's "Boss Life" and It Works WRAPRENEURS!? (Adversaries No. 18)
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★THIS WEEK: "AVON + IT WORKS!" - Avon makeup and It Works Wraps are both MLM nonsense and their commercials don't even hide it.
★It's not JUST a commercial! Peter and Ashleigh breakdown the ads that saturate our lives in ADVERSARIES - NEW Episodes Saturdays!

★FROM AVON: "Avon sees the beauty in sharing, which just seems to come naturally to most women. They know that little girls are usually introduced to makeup and manicures by their moms or another woman in their life. Through the products it makes, community it builds, opportunities of becoming a representative it creates and causes it supports, Avon aims to make the world a more beautiful place."

★FROM IT WORKS: "It Works! Global strives to empower people to change their lives for the better. We are committed to sharing the It Works! Way to help you accomplish your own sense of Friendships, Fun, and Freedom."

★EPISODE 17: "Election Bait"
★EPISODE 16: "My Beauty, My Say"



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ADVERSARIES takes on Avon makeup and their "boss life" Avon commercial. It doesn't matter how you buy Avon concealer or other Avon cosmetics, the Avon catalog is a means to lie to people. An Avon facebook party where you might buy an Avon kit or other Avon products. Avon and Avon products are better than It Works wraps, though. Who believes It Works? It Works is a scam, I mean, so is Avon but It Works doesn't even try to look legit.

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