Wednesday , 13 December 2017
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Milk Life (ADVERSARIES No. 21)

Milk Life (ADVERSARIES No. 21)
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★THIS WEEK - "MILK LIFE" - The Milk Companies of America are getting desperate and throw everything an the kitchen sink your way!
★It's not JUST a commercial! Peter and Ashleigh breakdown the ads that saturate our lives in ADVERSARIES - NEW Episodes Saturdays!

★FROM MILK COMPANIES: "Milk Life promotes the consumption of "real milk" by comparing nutrients found in milk made from Dairy Cows, to that which is made from almonds.."

★EPISODE 20: "Shell Make The Future"
★EPISODE 19: "Subaru Hates Your Kids"



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ADVERSARIES takes on these bizarre milk life commercial things, for instance, the milk life hack, the milk life commercial 2016, the milk life cameron boyce, the milk life olympic commercial and milk life volleyball. That weird milk life anthem and the milk life hack funny were kind of weird milk life commercial 2015. The milk life slogan is biarre and so are all the milk life ad. They even have milk life commercial 2014, though. They got rid of got milk, even though there is a got milk meme and the got milk commercial always did well. Watch it!

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