Friday , 28 April 2017
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★THIS WEEK - "Black Friday" - Retailers and appmakers are trying to convince you to come down to the Black Friday 2016 fights... er, we mean, sales!
★It's not JUST a commercial! Peter and Ashleigh breakdown the ads that saturate our lives in ADVERSARIES - NEW Episodes Saturdays!

★FROM MILK COMPANIES: "Milk Life promotes the consumption of "real milk" by comparing nutrients found in milk made from Dairy Cows, to that which is made from almonds.."

★EPISODE 20: "Subaru Hates Your Kids"
★EPISODE 20: "Shell Make The Future"



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ADVERSARIES takes on Black Friday. Walmart decided to make a commercial that glosses over black friday 2016 fights,
which is obviously not what happens in black friday videos 2016. Black friday shopping is always the worst, and if you catch me at black friday at walmart, or black friday at best buy, I'd be pretty shocked if I went. I'd rather mess with a black friday amazon type thing. Of course there is black friday chaos 2016 or black friday crazy shoppers 2016. The news ALWAYS has some story titled some variant of "black friday crazy people." But black friday commercials are trying to make light of the fact that a black friday crowd can turn into a black friday death very fast. There are black friday documentary films, which chronicle the black friday disaster from the start, but what we are doing is examining how the violence is inextricably tied to black friday.

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