Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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★THIS WEEK - "Christmas Consumerism" - There is no meaning of Christmas, a bunch of commercials show you it's just
★It's not JUST a commercial! Peter and Ashleigh breakdown the ads that saturate our lives in ADVERSARIES - NEW Episodes Saturdays!

★EPISODE 24: "Speeding Audi SMASHES Into Family"
★EPISODE 23: "Wes Anderson Christmas Commercials"



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★FROM KAY JEWELERS: "With the dog tearing up the Christmas presents and Grandpa hogging the TV, family gatherings during the holidays are always memorable. A step outside and a gift from Kay Jewelers could make a holiday memory that's unforgettable."

★FROM LINCOLN: "The whole family's gathered around the Christmas tree playing with a toy train, but one of the girls' minds is elsewhere. She imagines herself as the conductor of the train, now lifesize, while her father drives alongside the tracks in the Continental. During the Wish List Sales Event, Lincoln is offering $0 down and the first month free on the 2017 MKC."

★FROM AMERICAN GIRL: "'Twas the night after Christmas when the lights were turned off, the guests had gone home and the toy batteries were dead. Upstairs, a girl slept peacefully with her new best friend, an American Girl doll, tucked in her bed."

ADVERSARIES takes on some Christmas Consumerism! First, a Kay Jewelers commercial,
then a lincoln christmas train commercial, then a american girl doll christmas. The kay jewelers christmas commercial represents family christmas as garbage. The lincoln train commercial shows people fantasizing about something better than their families (expensive stuff) - like a lincoln train. Seriously, the lincoln christmas commercial is bizarre. Why would you have a lincoln christmas train? What a weird lincoln christmas ad. Christmas consumerism is some of the worst consumerism. A lot of people fall into the consumerism trap because consumerism exposed but not enough. Consumerism in america is personified as the american girl doll, which ADVERSARIES coincidentally covers on an american girl doll commercial. Really?
American girl doll christmas?

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