Wednesday , 19 September 2018
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Christmas Love, Actually (ADVERSARIES No. 26)

Christmas Love, Actually (ADVERSARIES No. 26)
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★THIS WEEK - "Christmas Love, Actually" - Brands attempt to tap into budding love happening at Christmas in order to hawk their crap.
★It's not JUST a commercial! Peter and Ashleigh breakdown the ads that saturate our lives in ADVERSARIES - NEW Episodes Saturdays!

★EPISODE 24: "Speeding Audi SMASHES Into Family"



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★FROM MERCADES BENZ: "Not even a blizzard can hold back young love. A young boy has a date planned and is ready to go, despite his father's concerns about the ongoing snowstorm making the road conditions perilous. The pair traverse dark snowy streets in their Mercedes-Benz 4Matic SUV with the vehicle's All-wheel drive keeping them safely on course. The boy gets to the movie theater first and runs through the building but his date is nowhere to be found. He heads back to the car disappointed when another car pulls into the otherwise empty lot --his date made it after all."

★FROM MACY's: "Back in the early days of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a young boy attends with his family and connects with a large Santa balloon floating overhead, who gives him a kindly wink. As the parade marchers pass by, so do the years. Slowly, the boy grows into a man while continuing to attend the parade every year, and every year reuniting with his old friend. Eventually, the now-elderly man is absent from the crowd, and the Santa float looks glumly at the empty space he once occupied behind the barrier. Just when hope seems lost, however, a gust of wind interrupts the procession and lifts the jolly giant above the cityscape. It carries him along past a bridge and toward a pastoral house. Inside, the home-bound man gazes out and exchanges touching looks with Saint Nick, who offers him one final wink before flying off."

ADVERSARIES takes on Christmas love commercials. First, "Mercedes Benz snow date song." Lots of people look for mercedes benz snow date music and people then watch the mercedes benz snow date commercial again. The mercedes benz date is really hokey. As with always, the mercedes benz date commercial has an underlying agenda. Next, ADVERSARIES takes on old friends macy's. The old friends macy's thanksgiving day parade is super weird but also the old friends macy's commercial, surprise surprise, has an agenda. The macy's old friends meet a weird end. But macy's old friends commercial, like Snow Date, is at least better than love actually, which sucks.

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