Sunday , 19 November 2017
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More Babies, Please (ADVERSARIES No. 29)

More Babies, Please (ADVERSARIES No. 29)
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★THIS WEEK - "Child Consumers" - Companies like Cheerios and Halo Oranges set out not only to turn your kids into rabid consumers, but get you to have more.
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★FROM CHEERIOS: "Cheerios calls for more babies in a montage of funny videos"
★FROM HALO ORANGES: "Wonderful Halos believes that making the right choice can be easy -- like choosing not to break into a construction site with classmates and therefore avoiding being cemented into a giant block of concrete"


ADVERSARIES takes on Cheerios breakfast cereal, a family institution. This cheerios commercial is strange and a bit dystopian. The Emmys commercial is at least a bit better than this Cheerios baby commercial. It's called "More Babies Please," and it prompts parents to have more babies please major lazer is involved too. Now this is explicitly saying more babies please nyt, not "no more babies please," like a lot of people will probably say when they think about the implications of this cheerios commercial 2016, or cheerios commercial 2017. The Cheerios commercial dancing is weird, and so is the Cheerios commercial dad, but going back to the Cheerios commercial 2015 this kind of takes the cake.

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