Monday , 21 August 2017
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Super Big Game Bowl SPECIAL! (ADVERSARIES No. 31)

Super Big Game Bowl SPECIAL! (ADVERSARIES No. 31)
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★THIS WEEK - "Super Big Game Bowl SPECIAL!" - The Big Game is here, and that means ratcheting up bad ads to 100! ★It's not JUST a commercial! NEW Episodes Saturdays! ★BECOME A PATRON:

★EPISODE 30: "Personalized M&Ms."
★EPISODE 29: "More Babies, Please"



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ADVERSARIES takes on Super Bowl ads 2017! Are Super Bowl ads funny? Super Bowl ads certainly can be funny, but even the best Superbowl ads have an agenda: getting you to buy things. We can't go through the top 10 Super Bowl ads YET, but we found the top Super Bowl ads that touch on some of our pet peeves in advertising. We don't think we will see the worst Super Bowl ads this year. The Super Bowl commercials 2017 really have high production value, But as with every year's Super Bowl commercials, they are manipulative advertising! What suits Super Bowl commercials best? Is it controversial Super Bowl commercials? We prefer our Super Bowl commercials funny, but there's a lot of other great Super Bowl commercials
The question should be "are these good Super Bowl commercials?" Rather then great. Some sexist Super Bowl commercials do exist after all. What are the worst Super Bowl commercials?

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