Thursday , 15 November 2018
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84 Lumber Says NO WALL (ADVERSARIES No. 32)

84 Lumber Says NO WALL (ADVERSARIES No. 32)
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★THIS WEEK - "84 Lumber!" - The wood company makes a really political, really hypocritical advertisement. ★It's not JUST a commercial! NEW Episodes Saturdays!

★EPISODE 31: "MR. CLEAN Super Big Game Bowl SPECIAL!"
★EPISODE 30: "Personalized M&Ms."



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ADVERSARIES takes on the big ol 84 lumber commercial. Now, the 84 lumber wall thing is insane. The 84 lumber wall commercial is 84 lumber telling you about a political standpoint but not really, because it's just an 84 lumber ad. The 84 lumber super bowl commercial is JUST A 84 lumber wall ad, it's not going to change anything about the world. Any political super bowl ad just makes money for the super bowl. The 2017 super bowl ads were super political and not genuine. The 84 lumber super bowl commercial is a pretty darn good example. The 84 lumber wall ad is taken on by peter coffin and ashleigh coffin, who regularly take on commercials. They also take on the airbnb superbowl ad and airbnb in general. The airbnb commercial is second though.

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