Friday , 21 September 2018
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Coffee Mate Cancer (ADVERSARIES №33)

Coffee Mate Cancer (ADVERSARIES №33)
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★THIS WEEK - "Coffee Mate Cancer" Somehow Coffee Mate thought it was a good idea to bank on cancer. ★It's not JUST a commercial! NEW Episodes Saturdays!

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★EPISODE 31: "MR. CLEAN Super Big Game Bowl SPECIAL!"



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ADVERSARIES takes on Coffee Mate! This Coffee Mate commercial cancer is about cancer. Now why they would do a Coffee Mate commercial bald head because of cancer we just don't know. It's not as if this Coffee Mate commercial wig raises money for a cancer charity, it's JUST A Coffee Mate creamer commercial. THAT'S IT. We get that Coffee Mate bald is beautiful commercial is trying to appeal to people who sympathize with cancer patients, but isn't that kind of actually awful? You wouldn't make Coffee Mate commercial bald women to JUST hawk Coffee Mate, except their Coffee Mate bald woman commercial absolutely just does that. Coffee Mate back to work commercial is not about helping cancer patients. Coffee Mate commercial stir up courage even kind of accidentally implies cancer patients who wear wigs "aren't brave." So it makes the Coffee Mate first day back to work commercial kind of weird. Coffee Mate stir up courage is a weird Coffee Mate wig commercial. If you are looking for criticism on the ad with the Coffee Mate wig, Peter Coffin and Ashleigh Coffin bring you an Adversaries Coffee Mate episode. Adversaries will give you an lol about commercials, but also inform you.

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