Saturday , 17 November 2018
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Burger King Trolls Google Home (ADVERSARIES №37)

Burger King Trolls Google Home (ADVERSARIES №37)
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★THIS WEEK: "Burger King Trolls Google Home" - The fast-food chain made an ad to trigger the Google Home. It backfired spectacularly.
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ADVERSARIES takes on the Burger King Google Home ad. This week, you probably repeatedly saw the headline "Burger King trolls Google Home," because they made commercials that bring up the Burger King wiki page. Some are calling it Burger King trollvertising, but these Burger King advertisement aren't really "trolling." It's more an invasion of personal space. We'd say it's Burger King gone wrong. Google shuts down new Burger King ad, but that wasn't the end of the Burger King Google advertising. Instead, they just made another Burger King Google ad with different voices to trick the artificial intelligence. Burger King really needs to cool their jets with this. The Burger King commercial really is too much. it's a back door to your personal information through voice command, not "haha Burger King trolls Google." Also, it's interesting they didn't do Alexa, the more popular of the home assistants, but who really knows why. Burger King hijacks the Google assistant, but gets shut down by Google. No one really liked this. Google Burger King Connected Whopper to see a pretty much endless stream of hate for it. Crap idea.

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