Friday , 16 November 2018
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Reddit's RED PILL Rep REBUKES Resignation Requests! (LAST NIGHTLY №23)

Reddit's RED PILL Rep REBUKES Resignation Requests! (LAST NIGHTLY №23)
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Republican State Representative Robert Fisher revealed as creator of misogynistic online forum The Red Pill. He has vowed to continue to "stand for men’s rights." ★BECOME A PATRON at

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The Republican Lawmaker Who Secretly Created Reddit’s Women-Hating ‘Red Pill’ but don't tell people searching for the best of the red pill reddit. In manosphere-speak, the rabbit hole is feminism, which the red pill reveals to be a War on Men. The Red Pill borrows its name from a scene in “The Matrix” in which Morpheus offers Neo a choice between two realities, except it's a false load of nonsense claiming to be about men's rights. The men's rights movement and all the mra people in it are fooling themselves. The mra meaning is "mens rights activist." You will not find a pro feminism mra. Don't bother looking for a pro feminist mra, bceause all they do is try to attack pro feminist arguments in endless comments they leave on pro feminist videos. They will incessantly talk about the red pill, compare the red pill and blue pill, and otherwise just act a jerk. This red pill lawmaker takes a salary from taxpayers to espouse red pill philosophy. The "red pill rep" isn't in the red pill report, the red pill rubin report one specifically, but his name is rep. robert fisher. robert fisher started the red pill,that is to say the red pill reddit, before he became a representative. He probably didn't come up with the red pill reddit meaning, but still, this is a bit disturbing.

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