Friday , 14 December 2018
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McDonald's Dead Dad (ADVERSARIES №41)

McDonald's Dead Dad (ADVERSARIES №41)
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★THIS WEEK: "McDonald's Dead Dad" - McDonald's just pulled an ad in the UK about a widow and her son after it received backlash from viewers who said it was insensitive to grieving kids.

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ADVERSARIES takes on that bizarre dead McDonalds advert dad thing. Lots of people are googling McDonalds dead dad advert actress, but the weirdest thing is just the dead dad commercial overall. The mcdonalds dead dad ad is not just strange it's incompetent. It's in bad taste. The mcdonald's dead dad advert just needs to be forgotten. This dead dad mcdonald's as is strange as all hell. Why anyone would make a dead dad mcdonald's advert is beyond us. A phrase no one would ever imagine saying is "mcdonald's dead dad ad," really just lol at mcdonalds dead dad thing. The mcdonalds dead dad advert got pulled immediately. No dead dad advert mcdonald's should ever happen. Looking for a mcdonalds dad commercial would seemingly never involve a mcdonalds dead dad commercial, which is totally a mcdonalds cringe commercial dad. It's not banned, so the whole mcdonalds banned pulled uk dead dad ad isn't entirely true, but no filet o fish dad mcdonalds commercial ad advert should ever be made like this. The mcdonalds dead dad ad funny to say the least.

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