Sunday , 15 December 2019
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Did Kathy Griffin go TOO FAR with This Trump Photo? (LAST NIGHTLY №35)

Did Kathy Griffin go TOO FAR with This Trump Photo? (LAST NIGHTLY №35)
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Kathy Griffin is defending herself after drawing fierce criticism for participating in a photo shoot that featured her holding up a bloody head resembling President Donald Trump. ★BECOME A PATRON at

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Peter Coffin takes on the Kathy Griffin Trump head thing on LAST NIGHTLY. Kathy Griffin did a photo where Donald Trump was beheaded but in all seriousnes it's something TMZ made a big deal out of. I don't think the Kathy Griffin Trump Take is really that big of a deal, although I have some criticism for it. I have heard enough "Kathy Griffin beheads Trump" for today, though. The whole idea a Donald Trump bloody head somehow actually harms things is ridiculous. The Trump head that's actually attached to Trump is a lot worse, so do I care when I see "Kathy Griffin beheads Donald Trump?" No. In fact the "Kathy Griffin Donald Trump" opinion is one I don't really care about. The idea of Kathy Griffin Trump effigy destruction is kind of weird, but why bother? Why care? Yeah, Kathy Griffin bloody Donald Trummp head makes for some interesting controversy; is it really appropriate to bloody a Trump effigy? But why are people trying to claim this is similar to what the Tea Party did with Obama? It's not. It's annoying to repeatedly see "Kathy Griffin beheads Donald Trump in bloody shock photo" as if a Kathy Griffin Donald Trump video, one where Kathy holds Trumps bloodied head, is going to actually matter at all in the real world. "Kathy Griffin holds head of Trump" is already a played out phrase. Look elsewhere for the "Kathy Griffin beheads Trump video."

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