Wednesday , 17 July 2019
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Did Hillary Clinton Own Slaves? (LAST NIGHTLY №40)

Did Hillary Clinton Own Slaves? (LAST NIGHTLY №40)
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Hillary Clinton’s famous book It Takes a Village was published in 1996, but earlier this afternoon, the activist Samuel Sinyangwe—who has written on prison slave labor before—dug up an old excerpt. By 2017 standards (and we think by 1996 standards, too?), it’s pretty shocking... ★BECOME A PATRON at

Credit for bringing attention to this goes to Jeanette Jing & Samuel Sinyangwe:

13th on Netflix:

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LAST NIGHTLY takes on the question "Did Hillary Clinton own slaves? There's a big question regarding Hillary Clinton slaves or rather Hillary Clinton prison labor. Jeanette Jing and Samuel Sinyangwe of Black Lives Matter, or BLM, brought the question "did Hillary Clinton have slaves" to people's attention today, and the question hasn't recieved much press. Whether you agree or not with the assertions of this video, please watch Netflix 13th. The Netflix 13th documentary is about the 13th Amendment and features new jim crow's Michelle Alexander. The 13th documentary is a riveting look at the prison industrial complex and if this at least gets you to watch the Netflix 13th Amendment documentary.

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