Tuesday , 5 April 2022
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Dave Rubin LIVE with Sargon of Akkad (LAST NIGHTLY №46)

Dave Rubin LIVE with Sargon of Akkad (LAST NIGHTLY №46)
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Sargon of Akkad joined Dave Rubin for a live stream today to discuss his views on "liberalism, Trump, Brexit, toxic internet culture, trolling, and much more." They wouldn't answer my question. ★BECOME A PATRON at http://patreon.com/petercoffin

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LAST NIGHTLY takes on the recent Dave Rubin Sargon stream, where Sargon of Akkad Dave Rubin, and a lot of online question askers joined together to talk about THE ISSUES. The Sargon of Akkad Rubin Report episode talked a lot about classical liberalism, which Sargon and Dave both call themselves a "classical liberal," but Dave Ruben has said that progressivism is a disease and dislikes Bernie Sanders. Dave agrees with Sargon of Akkad regressive left stuff and claims "the left is no longer liberal," which thank the non-existent god. When Dave Rubin Carl Benjamin talk about hate speech vs free speech, it's laughable. Is this Dave Rubin comedy? Join Peter Coffin dissecting The Rubin Report Sargon of Akkad episode in which they refuse to answer a question I paid them to answer. Would you expect anything different from a Sargon of Akkad Rubin Report? Listen to Dave Rubin regressive left blah blah on The Rubin Report. A Dave Rubin Sargon of Akkad combo basically makes perfect sense, that's why he streamed Dave Rubin Sargon of Akkad live.

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