Saturday , 17 February 2018
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The Senate Healthcare Bill (LAST NIGHTLY №48)

The Senate Healthcare Bill (LAST NIGHTLY №48)
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Senate Republicans crafted their Senate healthcare bill behind closed doors, drawing considerably less news attention than House Republicans, who formally drafted their version of the legislation in open sessions. But Democrats believe the coming week represents their best and perhaps final chance to thwart repeal of the health law. What are the differences between the House and Senate health care bills? ★BECOME A PATRON at

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LAST NIGHTLY takes on the senate health care bill to repeal the affordable care act. The Senate's version of the American Health Care Act is here, as introduced by Mitch McConnell. The gop health care bill was ghastly in the house and is garbage as the senate healthcare bill, too. Hopefully people don't even remember the senate health care bill 2017, but we now know both the house and senate health care bills. Last Nightly attempts to show some differences between house and senate health care bills, but keep in mind they are pretty similar if you've seen the senate healthcare bill text. The senate healthcare bill name basically doesn't matter, the senate healthcare bill 2017 should just be called the senate healthcare bill vote. The senate healthcare bill timeline seems pretty short, as the CBO will score it over the weekend. The senate healthcare bill committee gave the senate healthcare bill summary on Friday.

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