Thursday , 6 August 2020
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Senate Healthcare Bill Defeated? (LAST NIGHTLY №54)

Senate Healthcare Bill Defeated? (LAST NIGHTLY №54)
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Repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act -- the hot button and emotionally-charged issue that sharply split his party -- proved to be too difficult a task for now, something McConnell acknowledged at a crowded Capitol news conference where he was asked bluntly if his "leadership" had been "damaged" by the process. ★BECOME A PATRON at

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LAST NIGHTLY takes on Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell's continuead Health Insurance debacle, but is it a senate healthcare defeat? The senate gop health care bill has not been going well and Trump calls on senate to end filibuster after healthcare defeat. The senate healthcare bill, which is not the american health care act, is being called dead. But the fact is, they don't mess around. They act as if it's over so you stop paying attention. Sanders gop health care plan comments are basically that the sanders health care act, or Medicare for All, would be better. But bernie sander helath care act has a long way to go and this bad senate health care bill, the republican health care bill, a secretive health care bill is still around. If we ever want single payer we are going to have to keep pushing. Single payer health care is the only moral way; and a single payer system should be what we do. The single payer debate is over, those for have won. Now we just need to force the government to follow us.

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