Thursday , 17 January 2019
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Toyota Wonderful World Death Race (ADVERSARIES №48)

Toyota Wonderful World Death Race (ADVERSARIES №48)
Plays: 6002

★THIS WEEK: 2018 Toyota Camry: "Wonder" - SO, OFFICIALLY, "As he rides through the hilly countryside with his family in the 2018 Toyota Camry, this young boy can't help but marvel at the vibrant greenery and airborne birds as they go flying past the windows. A minimalist, a cappella version of the song "What a Wonderful World" accompanies the car's circuitous route through windy mountain roads. When a family of deer crossing the road force an RV to make a sudden stop, a potentially dangerous situation arises as the Camry rapidly approaches the stalled camper." Actually, though, this shit is terrifying.

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