Saturday , 11 July 2020
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Robert Punchur & Dan Laitman - Best of The Desk 2018

Robert Punchur & Dan Laitman - Best of The Desk 2018
Plays: 156

Dan Laitman is NY's premier schizophrenic comedian. His clever one-liner writing is in the legacy styling of Stephen Wright or Mitch Hedberg. Robert Punchur is a standup social worker with abundant energy and goofs. They're pretty much your new best friends.

Every week the duo meets for a short session of comedy news improv called The Desk. Dan comes with 30 jokes. Robert comes 30 minutes late.

Enjoy some Best Clips here and subscribe to Dan's channel [Any time of day with Laitman] for full episodes. Stay Pantsless!

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Robert Punchur

Robert Punchur

Comedian/Writer/Neat Guy
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