Wednesday , 15 July 2020
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Spoof Troupe | YouTube Channel Trailer

Spoof Troupe | YouTube Channel Trailer
Plays: 37895

Spoof Troupe's new YouTube channel trailer, features highlights from some of our funniest sketch comedy videos, including Joker & Harley Quinn, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Avengers and many more!

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Below are links to some of the hilarious videos featured in this trailer!

Joker & Harley Quinn:

Star Wars Parody:

Justice League "I'm The One":

Poop Vacuum:

Baywatch Parody "Boobs!":

Donald Trump, Making Avengers Great Again:

Ghostbusters Parody:

Hosted by
Steve Saunders
David Lautman
Matt Tate
Charles Dewandeler

Copyright 2018, Spoof Troupe, Hollywood CA

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