Friday , 22 November 2019
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Joker, The Culture War, and Pure Ideology | Very Important Docs²⁶

Joker, The Culture War, and Pure Ideology | Very Important Docs²⁶
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Joker slaps. Here's why.

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Omar Sanchez, “Joker Director Todd Phillips Rebuffs Criticism of Dark Tone: We Didn’t Make the Movie to Push Buttons” TheWrap (Sept. 28, 2019)
Scott Marks, “Sorry to Bother You Review,” San Diego Reader (July 2018)
J.R. Kinnard, “Jordan Peele’s Us is full of ideas - and flaws,” (March 2019)
Matthew Erao, “Canto Bight Belonged In The Star Wars Prequels,” (December 2017)
Gene Park, “Fallout 76 just gave people a reason to play The Outer Worlds instead” (October 2019)
Rock And Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter
Lily's Dance by Million Eyes
Where Do We Begin by Farrell Wooten
Waltz for Celia by Leimoti
A Mental Breakdown (Instrumental Version) by Sven Karlsson
Wedding Waltz by Traditional
Night Bells by By Lotus
Contemporary Confusion by Cody High
Smooth Joker by T. Morri
Catch The Wave (Instrumental Version) by Velvet Moon
After the Fall by Max Anson
Revolt by Luwaks
Oh What A Whirl by Jules Gaia

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