Monday , 25 May 2020
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It Was Supposed to be a Love Story - Dan Bublitz Jr.

It Was Supposed to be a Love Story - Dan Bublitz Jr.
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"It Was Supposed To Be A Love Story" is a one man show by Dan Bublitz Jr. that tells a beautiful story about relationships, love, loss, and moving on. Told through the power of poetry, monologues, & stand-up comedy. It's an emotional journey of self reflection & rediscovery. A comical love story, yet a painful tragedy that will captivate you while pulling at every heartstring.

Directed by Zeke Hanson & Dan Bublitz Jr
Written & performed by Dan Bublitz Jr
Filmed at the Goss Opera House in Watertown, SD.
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#poetry #comedy #lovestory #dramedy

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Dan Bublitz Jr.

Dan Bublitz Jr.

San Diego, CA

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